Why choose us?

VIZ IT Solutions was founded in 2013 with aim to provide unique and bespoke solutions to SMEs in the UK. While providing smart software solutions, we realised the biggest challenge for any software company is talent hunting. With this problem in mind, VIZ IT Solutions though to solve this problem by providing bespoke solution that suites every business very well.

We acquired our first contract in 2015 to provide 5 developers and increased to 35 developers within 3 years due to growing demand with more clients joining our services.

All our resources are based in well equipped, modern offices in Bangalore, India. Bangalore is also known as “Silicon Valley” of India for being a major IT hub of the nation.

How we work?


We listen and understand your operating challenges to gain as much feedback as possible.


We propose bespoke plan that suites your requirements and budget.


Once you are happy with the plan, we aim to implement it within agreed timeline.